Wednesday 4 June 2014

Jerri Mokgofe x Get The Look: G-Star Raw Denim Autumn/Winter 2014

Les-bianee-Honest I have always been a closeted big fan of G-Star Raw Denim BUT I have always kept my distance and pretend the brand does not exist. It is there, top of mind when it comes to my denim consideration set. But I always treated it like the proverbial big denim blue elephant in the room. Reason being that like any other fashion-slore; we have impeccable taste we cannot afford. There, I said it – I am glad this is now out of the way.

... Back to subject matter.

 A few weeks ago just before the G-Star Raw Night Johannesburg event.  I was invited by the fabulous PR glam-quad mafias from Vivid Luxury to come meet up with the international G-Star Raw team from the Headquarters in Netherlands and like all well mannered people they came bearing gifts.

I was presented with the most well constructed garments in fine quality fabrics during the meeting and was casually asked to pick a few items that I lusted after. Thinking about it now, I honestly regret not straight-up telling them I loved everything and asking to keep everything – I mean hellooo – ain’t no shame in the game homes!

When Aidaly Sosa of G-Star Raw nonchalantly presented me with this twinsie set [i am wearing] I completely lost my shit and I was done going through any more options presented to me. The trench coat is BUCK the pants are just on another level; details, cuts, construction, fabric, stitching, versatility, Everything, More and Beyond!

Sadly, you will not be able to shop this look and if I heard correctly, these were the only samples in their possession. I could be wrong but I can double check for you if you that thirsty for some this goodness. Possibly available online? I dunno.

What I know for sure is the kicks I am wearing are PUMA x Solange Girls of Blaze Discs Collection and are available in South Africa but only a limited quantity. They are the most comfortable pair of sneakers with a shit load of character to them that I own thus far.  They check all the boxes, when I am out on the streets!

Look aint complaining but I could get used to expanding my G-Star Raw Denim collection now. All I want is more, more, and RAW yummy denim in my life!


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