Friday 6 June 2014

Jerri Mokgofe x Get The Look: Woolworths Autumn/Winter 2014

Channeling my inner deep-seated LOL persona; a LOL is what I call Lad of Leisure / Lady of Leisure. To break it down for you, LOLs would be a collective of fierce looking friends, frenemies or friends laced with specs of social climbers who understand the power of association. LOLs DO BEST at brunching during the day, champagne facials at the clubhouse during night and Sunday tea testing whilst spilling the T on what went down the night before the day after. This movement is absolutely not superficial at all, just as everything in life. You get all different kinds of LOLs could be; social climbers, executive, yummy-mummies, dandy-daddies e.t.c
To create some diversity to your vocabulary feel free to use "LOL" interchangeably with "LWC" [Ladies Who Lunch / Lads Who Lunch]
So next time you hear someone say LOL try to understand the context as it could be mean more than just the clichéd “laughing out loud”
... In any case enough about decoding made up new age socio-demographics urban tribes.
When I saw this top, I did not experience a head spinning feeling of euphoria one experiences after circling around a store for more than an hour until finally casually stumbling across a FIND. I took this top off the rack with a feeling of agh-what-the-hell let me just buy this top and get the fuck-outta-here. Most importantly I saw potential in it and my expectations were met and an inch exceeded.
I bought it in an extra large to achieve the over sized, relaxed, lounge-feel going on here. Also to make me look more rail skin-and-bones, lanky and tall, don’t we all live for that shit? This is a perfect little versatile number that you can incorporate through all seasons of the year; even more ideal for summer days as it is perforated synthetic fibres constructed garment.
The top has a zip detail at the back and I wore it with the zip at the front and that also works well and gives it a whole new styling dimension. Like I said before; when shopping it is all about seeing the potential in a garment and finding many other ways on how to wear it, for different occasions, seasons and time of day.
I can already hear you screaming; Gawd-damn-it-bitch, where did you buy it, spill-the-juice”. I got it from Woolworths, I just looked on their site and it is not listed. Not too sure if they maybe still have it in store. Happy looking!

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