Monday 2 February 2015

Opel Adam Is Here To Change The Game

So, there are some new wheels on the block being sold as the “ultimate lifestyle accessory” If you are an avid reader and follower of #AccordingToJerri, this should not be news to you, because you would have read about it HERE when I broke the news late last year about #OpelAdam’ s launch during LISOF end of year showcase.

Opel Adam is said to be a Game Changer that is highly customizable and can be matched to one’s specific personality. ADAM is designed for people who seek self-expression through their clothes, lifestyle and cars. No wonder it is no brainer that it is called an ultimate lifestyle accessory.

Think of Opel Adam as the art of purchasing a suit; every element needs to be customiszed for your body shape, size, occasion and personality. One does not simply step in to a retail outlet or showroom to purchase a suit off the hanger and is good to go. NO!

Opel Adam’s personalization options begin with the exterior paint colours, with funky names such as ‘Red ‘n Roll’, ‘Purple Fiction’, ‘Pump Up The Blue’, ‘The Greyfather’, ‘James Blonde’, ‘Saturday White Fever’, ‘I’ll Be Black’ and ‘Silverwalker’. Further differentiation happens at the factory by selecting interior fabric and colour schemes, sunroof options and ambient lighting packages dependent on the model selected.

The Opel ADAM LAUNCHED in Opel dealerships in 17th & 18thJanuary 2015 with three models– ADAM, ADAM JAM and ADAM GLAM. It is available in a showroom near you to go admire, test drive or snatch one for keeps! For more information click HERE