Thursday 17 October 2013

Media Release | Launches Online Store

With the introduction of African designers and brands onto their online portal over the past 2 months, Floral Raffia has undertaken a name change of their online portal to Africa StyleOnline A name that adequately encompasses and represents the designers and brands as both a collective and unique unit. The Floral Raffia clothing label however will continue providing chic and exclusive bespoke garments to its select clientele.
Since its inception in October 2010, Floral Raffia’s key focus has been on providing custom made garments, image solutions as well as ready to wear garments to its clients. Africa StyleOnline will continue in the same breath but will also emphasize on bringing more African fashion to both the South African and international market.
As one of the co-owners Phetola Mofokeng aptly puts it “Africa StyleOnline is Africa’s gateway to the world of fashion”. Lesego-Tshepang Mokoena adds “Our main objective is to expose up and coming African designers and provide them with an adequate and fair platform to trade, as well as growing established designer’s market share through our online platform.” Phetola Mofokeng agrees “It is without a doubt that it is has become increasingly integral to ensure that your brand as a designer is adequately represented on a reliable online platform. Africa StyleOnline is a platform where African designers, and African inspired designs can be celebrated. Africa has such a rich an diverse culture, which translates into its fashion. We believe that we've reached a point where the world needs to look at Africa for inspiration.
Africa StyleOnline’s key focus will be on expanding its range of designers and brands, with a stronger emphasis on menswear and accessories from designers and brands all over Africa.
From The Desk of: The Africa StyleOnline Team | 079722926 | 0795708841

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