Sunday, 15 July 2012

46664 Fashion Men Spring Summer 2012 Collection

This is what I had to live tweet whilst Chris Vogelpoel (46664Fashion Creative Product Executive) was presenting the men collection at the 46664Fashion Spring Summer 12/13 Collection Preview. This took place a few weeks back at Speakers Corners’ headquarters:

@JerriMokgofe: #46664Fashion Spring Summer 12/13 Collection Preview! That should be something special @sammanclark

@JerriMokgofe: 60% of merchandise is produced locally the rest, globally. T-shirts are produced in Cape Town and Knitwear in Mauritius' #46664Fashion

@JerriMokgofe: Brands these days; it’s an emotion we all fall in love with different brands' #46664Fashion

@JerriMokgofe: The simplicity of men's wear meets the Africaness' #46664Fashion

@JerriMokgofe: Stretch Chinos with an Africanism' #46664Fashion @sammanclark"

@JerriMokgofe: Shorts Shorts with a heavy fabric! #46664Fashion

@JerriMokgofe:  Statement Tees 'It’s in our hands' #46664Fashion

@JerriMokgofe#46664Fashion it’s all always Colour, Colour, Colour!”

I sat through the presentation and the entire time I was lightheaded I was having these visions. I just had to break out the smelling salts! My mind was werking at 220km/hr creating looks in my head of what could work with what that I have or that I will still have to buy. You know how it goes when you just see something gawjus that just screams YOU GOTS TO OWN ME!

The collection surpassed my expectations it is is colourful, vibrant, doesn’t hold back, and its all about quality detail. Images above are some of my top picks from the collection that really make me swoon!

Great work Team Brand ID!

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