Tuesday 29 January 2013

Red Trend Alert | Embellished Cowboy Boots Called by Luxury Jones

In my first year of Varsity I spent my first semester tuition fees on a very hefty priced pair of leather Ed Hardy Tattoo art cowboy boots. They are absolutely one of my best purchases ever where it comes to their durability, craftsmanship, time changes adaptability and functionality.

I have always been for cowboy boots, always. When I saw this I was like YES! Back to that functionality bit mentioned earlier, I am sure you already following my trail of thought. This is so HOT and I am all over it like a severe case of bad rash!

I am TOTES all about this native indigenous Indian vibes. Luxury Jones called them but the DIY bloggers are already all up in there showing us how to look spot on trend without doing damages to that magical plastic card with a magnetic strip and embossed with clever little 16 digits.

Winter must come already because I am for this and I have never been the one to shy away from putting my creative juices to a fab DIY project!

My Urban Art ankle booties cowboy boots are also going to come very handy for this one. SCORE!

1 comment:

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