Monday 10 December 2012

Jerri Mokgofe | Get The Look

If you ever wondered; let’s get it out of the way, I am not a big fan of these “What I Wore Today” posts. Mainly because it is just too much admin to execute more so when you running back and forth from a tripod or a hard surface balancing the camera in order to be in front of the camera all composed before the self-timer beeper quiet and the shutter gets released. 

I have always felt that one needs a devoted photographer-boyfriend to fulfil that role because trust me it is a BITCH to do all that by yourself. Some people are quite good with the “What I Wore Today” posts together with the poses that go with it, I am not. 

Today, I thought agh what the heck let me spice it up and play along. I am already dressed in some of my much-loved rags, I have a little bit of time to kill, the lighting and weather is picture-esque and I am in the mood, so why not. See, I am even writing a post. You know I am also not big on that writing tip; some are fabulous with that I am not. Only when I feel like it and words come easy to pen down. 

The look is very classical with elements of rodeo / modern Malhboro man feel.

Slim cut fitted white shirt – I am lazy to look at the label on the back of my neck to see where I got it from. 

Slim cut form fitting denims – Wrangler Denims ofcourse! I swear by their denims, I just would like to own more and more of them. I Love Wrangler Denims. 

Copper medallion shaped ring with “Love” engraved pretty sums up how I feel about my look and the elements that composed it – Mr. Price. You know I am obsessed with Mr. Price

Lime green string wrist piece with perspex clover logo – I got it from a fabulous store called a.y.k clothing and it is actually their brand’s logo. How cute?

 Red Indian buckle leather belt – I got from Mr. Price and I have had it for over 10years and it is still in a mint leather condition and strong as ever. Definitely one of my favourite accessories and works with just about every denim and pair of leather dress shoes I own. 

PRADA Sunglasses - Model SPR 08P
A bold and unique design sets this acetate pilot model apart. A highly-distinctive double bridge made of metal almost imperceptibly links the acetate portions of the frame. Available in classic Black and Tortoise and more edgy Medium Tortoise, Tortoise-Cacao-Turquoise and Marbleized Pink. Prada lettering logo. 

This season PRADA really delivered, they BOHROUGHT-IT chirl. I am obsessed with their new collections! This particular style is from their PRADA POTRAIT collection.

I adore this style because it is cray, classical and retro. The lens is not too dark therefor you can wear them comfortable indoors and well until sunset whilst sipping on some cocktails. Also what is fabulous about the lens is that it is dark enough to protect the eyes and light enough for people to see your eyes so they are conversation friendly. 

Cowboy-esque booties with flower embroidery – Urbanart Footwear
They are AHFUCKENMAZING. I have a thing for cow boy boots (closeted fan) because they have a bit of a heel therefore affording me a few inches of height. Besides that, they are the kind of footwear whereby when you wearing them you walk with a purpose like there is somewhere you need to be and people to meet and have no time to faff around. Mos Def I wouldn’t mind getting another pair of these. 

So there is my detailed post, do you love it? If you do what is it about it you enjoyed? Would you like to see more of posts like these or not really?

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  1. Jerri, you make me laugh!! Good thing you don't follow me on Instagram, cause it's #WhatIWoreToday. But it's always in the mirror of my elevator. Only got one shot gurl!