Friday, 18 July 2014

Media Release : Nescafé Dolce Gusto Brings New York Barista And Famous Coffee Artist, Michael Breach To South Africa

I attended this event a few weeks back where the internationally renowned, New York based coffee artist and barista Michael Breach showcased his incredible talent. Thanks to an exclusive collaboration with NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto.

Growing in popularity, coffee art is rapidly becoming an expected element of coffee appreciation. Nowadays, no flat white, cappuccino or latte is seen as complete without some form of embellishment, be it a heart motif, leaf pattern or if the barista is really good, perhaps some kind of a figurative element. No one knows this better than internationally acclaimed ‘fine art coffee portraiture artist’ Michael Breach. Michael is widely lauded as the Da Vinci of coffee art, a barista with an ability to perfectly capture people’s faces with his amazing portraiture, by creating images using a toothpick to stroke the coffee cream into the crema or foam in the cup.

The self-described “barista to the stars” creates realistic celebrity portraits of the likes of Kurt Cobain, Leonardo Di Caprio and Romeo and Juliet which he calls “Foameo and Juliet”. Michael’s unique talent has taken him all over the world including South Africa.

I also got my coffee-portrait did - naturally!

Day 11: (South) African Striking Faces x Grahamstown National Arts Festival 2014

Most of these shots were taken at one of the coolest spot in Grahamstown called THE LONG TABLE. The joint opens only for the duration of the Grahamstown National Arts Festival and the setting is just as the name suggests.

A big open space, which is, used as some kind of town hall during the year and it is converted in to a laid-back eatery and bar during the festival. It has about 5 long (very long) tables in the room and they serve homey buffet. Yes, of course there is the bar, yes the bar…

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Media Release : Puma x McQueen Aw’14 Collection

AW14 sees PUMA partner with McQ for the debut PUMA x McQ collection. For over 65 years, PUMA has established a history of making fast product designs for the fastest athletes on the planet, with innovations not only in performance but also lifestyle.

While PUMA is first and foremost a sports performance brand, during the 80’s the brand’s sporting heritage became visible on the streets of New York, with the emergence of hip-hop and street culture. By the 90’s, PUMA recognised sports growing influence on high fashion, subsequently becoming the first sports brand to collaborate with a Fashion House.

McQ, a contemporary brand from Alexander McQueen, distills the vision of Creative Director Sarah Burton into collections that embody an extravagant effortlessness for everyday, complimenting the luxurious aesthetic of the mainline offer. Rooted in the renegade London spirit of Lee Alexander McQueen who founded the brand in 2005, McQ embodies a nonchalant ease and a non-conformist attitude.

PUMA’s progressive, design-led ethos resulted in its hugely successful partnership with the fashion house Alexander McQueen. For the past 4 years PUMA has explored the world of McQueen and now the brand is about to embark on an exciting new journey with McQ.

McQ has always taken inspiration from global subcultures, offering clothing that celebrates the youthful experimentation and creativity of the art and music worlds. In contrast PUMA, fundamentally a sports brand, has inspired street culture, music and fashion. Together PUMA and McQ draw on their divergent experiences to investigate the point at which performance fuses with fashion.

The debut collection merges McQ’s rebellious spirit and bold youth culture references with PUMA’s fabled history of athletic innovation. The PUMA x McQ AW ’14 Collection will be available in stores from 1st August.

From The Desk of : Christine Pearson | Splash PR |


Cape Town based Brazilian designer Luiz deLaja teamed up with a small army of creatives to document his season's military-inspired collection for the M4S brand: the “LUXE WAR” campaign. Charli JVR, in his art directorial debut, collaborated with photographers Cathrin Schulz and Shezan Waggie to create an interplay of war and fashion. Through merging a documentary feel with the sophistication of fashion editorial, the result is a gritty, sexy space where fashion and sex intersect.

Shot at Salt River Film Studio, the campaign features the fresh face of Jason McArthur, medical student by day, who embodies and underscores tensions of heterosexual masculinity by contrasting it with elusive feminine undertones that emphasise clingy tights, shorts and kilts. 'LUXE WAR is an experiment in subversion,' explains art director Charli JVR. 'We wanted the whole campaign to embrace masculine conflict and, through this collection of wearable garments, transform it by infusing it with the fresh, edginess of fashion.' The combination of current and historic war elements accentuates the collection's subtle embellishments and unique combinations of textures, textiles and svelte detail. LUXE WAR showcases the M4S philosophy and its regal, stylish edge that takes basic men’s wear pieces, but updates and enhances it to create stylish versatility. The M4S men's collections can easily flow from sporty street wear layered for daily elegance, to formal-casual with fitted trousers and embellished, rich cotton T-shirts, finished with immaculately designed trench coats.

The Ministry 4 Style store is located in De Waterkant, the gay heart of Cape Town, and sports a rich collection of luxury garments ranging from casual T-shirts and sexy shorts, to formal wear with impeccable and unique designs, and particular attention to detail. The newest collection, LUXE WAR, is a perfect extension of this dedication to creating groundbreaking pieces of luxury men's wear, and many collector's items. LUXE WAR will be available in store August 2014.

Art Director: Charli JvR
Photographer: Cathrin Schulz. Shezan Waggie
Model: Jason McArthur
Makeup & Styling: Charli JvR
Film: David van Rensburg

From The Desk Of :  Charl Jansen van rensburg | Publicist |