Monday 24 June 2013

Mkay Frash Kgagara x Style So Fresh To Hashtag

I have come to appreciate his style; I don’t know why. Maybe it is because of that something-nyana be it lacking or present. The French would say that je ne sais quoi. An element that you cannot cage, it exists subtly in its presence or absence. I guess that is the beauty of it all. You always do not have to get it - I constantly say. When we do not get it we become so frustrated with ourselves that we cannot fit something in a societal predetermined category and label it.That is why we tend to use dismissive words like 'crazy' or call it hipster. I do not get it so it is crazy, it is hipster.

I believe sometimes you can really enjoy a sense of style without having to reference it i.e that colour palatte is sooo LANVIN spring summer 2011 collection, with a spit-styling infusion of SAINT LAURENT 2012 Autumn Winter campaign and the cray-cray execution of JEREMY SCOTT for ADIDAS. NO, STOP. You really do not have to!

 Yes, that is how the seasoned fashionista tend to go when describing something and anything. I understand that talk it stems from the fact that you live, breath and eat fashion (over look that nauseating cliché line) that your brain builds an enormous archive filled with everything you can always pull from to reference at the sight of a fashion item.

The guy managed to pull off a combination of; meggings and trainers for fur-sake how can you try to box that!

His name is Mkay Frash Kgagara – online stalk him and try to box his style!

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