Monday 3 September 2012

Phuti Rakgotho | Monday Blues Police

My beautiful chirl Phuti Rakhotho, a fabulous little soul he is! 

Funny thing is we were clad in the same POLICE blue mirror lenses on acetate and metal frame shades; on the day we were hanging. And as you know the rule - one has to give it up if one of your crony happens to be accidentally wearing the same item. This can happen a lot if you guys are in sync. Well how do you decide, who takes the item off and who gets to keep theirs on, you may ask? The one who is looking less POP has to give it up, if you aint doing it justice better than the other party, chirl give it up and better luck next time! It only makes sense how you gonna be chilling with someone looking less fabulous than they are whilst you wearing the same item, it just doesn’t work!

I did exactly that when I saw the Diva approaching us, looking all rock 'n roll rebellious in them aviators. I was like SHIT, I slyly took the frames off and naturally I had my TOM FORDs on standby!

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