Monday 3 September 2012

Mikli by Mikli Optical Collection 2012

A territory of its own, with its own zip codes. Giving sense to a design which becomes an incontrovertible, young and trendy brand. Mikli by Mikli is a brand going back to the basics with DNA codes of the brand which work on the iconic material that made its success: acetate.

The collection is made of contemporary acetate with incredible shapes, colours and impressive technical aspects.

The Mikli by Mikli range is targeted to reach a younger market 16 – 35 years old, with a more affordable price positioning.

Mikli's line features unique colours and shapes, and are a favourite among European celebrities and avant-garde Americans. Celebrities like Elton John helped bring the line recognition by wearing and touting Mikli products. Alain Mikli has revolutionized frame design by creating eyewear styles that are as much objects to see with as fashion accessories to be seen in.

This collection has successfully combined bold statement with timeless luxury. Mikli has used his 30 years of expertise to create urban style with uncompromising quality with use of the finest materials, which are handcrafted in France and distributed worldwide. Mikli's originality and enthusiasm has allowed this eyewear collection to become the success that it is today.

From The Desk Of : Nicola Jackson | Moscon Optics Group |  011 483 8000

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