Monday 7 May 2012

Yolandy Masinga | Ferosh Joburg Fashion & Style IT Chirl

Yolandy Masinga from For Fashion Freaks an epitome of Fashion and Style always too-getha and composed! I am appreciating the classic Black and white look finished off with gold knick-knacks. That Dolce & Gabbana top handle bag just sealed the deal for me. 

As we all know black and white is always in season but that does not meaning your black and white look from 2 seasons ago will still be in season. Becareful not to confuse the two, the colour combination is, but you need to update your rags. I know, I know, I know it just get tedious sometime but that’s just nature of the beast. You cannot be half fabulous; you just gotta Boh-Ring-It all the time!

I love interpretative looks like Yolandy’s it makes you think and leave you with a feeling of heavy Déjà vu. Certainly prompt you to try and link it to a designer’s runway collection. I like that, it make you go; “OMG that is so Comme Des Carcons FW 2012 collection with a fusion of Stella McCartney SS 11 delivery”