Tuesday 8 May 2012

Battle of The Cover Girls

The cruelest thing in the world would be; being asked to choose a favourite cover page from the selection above. That would just be the most traumatic and unjust thing to ask a fellow human being. 

These covers are phucken amazing, aint no one do them like V O I LA Magazine in the block, these -guy just keep on Boh-Ringing-It it harder that a distraught damsel without a penny in The Row Alligator backpack to pay rent whilst the landlord is walking up the staircase with an eviction note on tow!

These are all the covers, Issue 1 to Issue 13 the first just as good as the latest one doesn’t look even an ounce obsolete. 

I have a very good feeling I will be the first male to Cover V O I L A! come team  lets create magic! For now I will continue chanting those positive vibes to the universe!

What the heck I am going to be the cruelest and ask…. Which Cover is THE COVER the ultimate COVER that just takes it home for you? It just snatches the title and does the home run in 11inch heels straight up; it slays the others in to untraceable pieces of molecules. 

Please leave a comment below, also remember nasty doesn't live here so don't even pull those stunts below.

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