Monday 7 May 2012

Knock Out Knitwear

One thing I have newly come to appreciate is WOOL; by appreciation I mean I have gotten to a point where I am taking knitting classes to learn all the intricacies of wool and all that is part and parcel of it -stiches needles and all. I will hold back on all finer details. 
I also have realised that I have become a wool snob, when I buy clothing pieces like blazers, coats, knitwear jerseys, cardigans e.t.c I now always check how much percentage of wool is the garment made of and what type it is. If the clothing item is not made of 100% wool I check what the other fabric component the yarn is fused with. 

The knitwear trend made its debut around 2009/2010 fashion week runway presentations. Filtered to department stores in oversized GrandPa and GrandMa Cardigans, that was one of the noteworthy 2010 and 2011 “It” knitwear item around retail alleys.  
This year the popular items being jumper jerseys, tights and leggings especially in Nordic, African, Aztec designs, patterns and prints. Totally Major!


Yes, you get designers like Missoni who are the Holy Grail of everything knitwear and their brand name is renowned and synonymous to knitwear. My heart is beating at a rapid pace of someone who has just being told that the limited edition of the designer clothing item they NEEDED has just been SOLD OUT!

 Lawd I love Missoni, does it get any better?  Rhetorical question, I love Missoni, I love Missoni, I love Missoni!

Locally we have our very own King of Knitwear Laduma Ngxokolo an ethnically dazzling designer who specializes on knitwear designs influenced by the Xhosa culture. Yes he is major, he has shown across the globe and back. Why do I not own any of Laduma Ngxokolo merchandise, I seriously need to fix that. I have no excuse I can step out my front door and make it happen. 


During 2012/2013 runway collections, designers cemented this trend and absolutely went berserk, beat it down to a pulp and simply took it home with their designs. Some designs were futuristically cray cray ,  some modest and prude and others simply out there for us to gawk over, smack our chins down to the floor and wet our ensembles with drool.  

Integrating the two trends; knitwear became exaggerated iconic statement pieces in various kinds of proportions that muffle the body. We all know no one does it super out of proportion, with high concept inclination, pattern, stich technique, luxury fibre like the Avant garde knitwear designer, Kevin Kramp

This trend naturally overlapped to home wear and furniture as well. So, if you are not guilty of spending all of your benjamins on the rags go ahead and dress your home in knitwear as fabulously as you will be dressing yourself. 

I have to admit the day I blindly-with-two-feet-in fell in love with knitwear was when I saw Yokoo Gibraan’s knitwear scarves and accessories designs. It was intense, I heard the angels above break out in to a harmonious melody, I was compelled to go on my knees and I uttered a little prayer. I love Yokoo merchandise, she is a GENIUS armed with nothing but WOOL and a needle a dangerous combo if you ask me. 

Throw on a dramatically oversized scarf, snood, beanie, jumper, jersey skirt; sit on the most plush yarn couch. Be quirky, be dramatic, be prude, be elegant, channel nostalgic Grandpa and Grandma Adaptations. Throw on something warm, wacky and woolly!
There you have it knitwear, go for it, attack it, you have it within you. If not now, then when? There has never been a better time that 2012 winter season!

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  1. C' est la vie one minute your in and the other you are out.. Viva WOOL!!