Sunday 6 May 2012

Slurp Milkshake Off The Floor

Break out the smelling salts! Was my reaction when I saw DJ Milkshake cause chirl I nearly crumbled and collapsed instantaneously!

I haven’t had seen him in years and what a transformation he has gone through, Love-love the new look totally cray-cray On-The-Money. Milkshake is one of my favourite Hip Hop DJs in SA but it seems like he has fused his hip hop sets with some dance jamz.

Music and Fashion have always been intertwined but style has always been open to discussion but it looks like our local Jocks are redrafting the style game to pleasing outcomes. We are being given a total presentable package, with brilliant functionality and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Which I believe it is great. For example; if you are going to play at a black tie function dress for the occasion because chances are your are more than just a DJ - portfolio wise, so why limit yourself but looking all raggedy. Yes, people will forever be judgmental of one another based on external factors and looks, so that “but I am a DJ” excuse doesn’t cut it anymore. Step it up and Boh-Ring-It!

It is interesting to find DJs like DJ CEO aka “the best dressed DJ PERIOD!” who have distinguished himself to cut off the clutter by being know as the “The Best Dressed DJ PERIOD” and that’s his USP (unique selling point).

OK where am I going with this post? I don’t know, all I wanted to say was simply that I love DJ Milkshake look, the combination of different colour hues; the mustard pants are spot-on-trend, deep purple suede brogues breaking it all with a summer lightweight blazer.

I have a pair of wool mustard pants, they have been hanging in the cupboard for about a year now because I just don’t know how to wear them maybe I should take this post as inspiration. Then again mine are not chinos but are more on the 50s vibe, virgin wool material which makes it tricky to style.

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