Thursday 1 March 2012

Nostalgic Elementary Colours Blocked Out

Anele Mdoda the ‘IT’ Girl

She slam blocked it out the LookBook with nostalgic elementary colour palate with hints of neutral colours. O’ lets not over look Miss Thang adorned in those PRADA Baroques. I am totally in one with that frame I have been sending positive vibes to the universe hoping that someone would anonymously DHL me two different styles of that pair, well looks like I might have to take matters in to my own purse.

You know I have a weakness for bags more especially when they brown any shade of brown that is.

I uttered a silent prayer when I saw Anele’s top-flap-lock-envelope-style-sling-bag. Love the versatility, she is wearing it like an oversized envelope clutch here but it is actually a sling bag.

Here is a hilarious dialogue (NO, I wasn’t discomfited) that went down between us wrt that bag;

I was like: “Gurl, where did you get that bag, I need that in my life” and

She was like:  “My Sister’s Closet”.

I was like: “Of course, I am obsessed with Tembisa’s bags, that girl has the most FEROSH bag collection in the block chirl. I always go berserk at their sight!”

And she gave me this judgemental confused look...

She was like: “Errrr, No Jerri My Sister’s Closet is a shop in Melville, have you never been there, let alone heard of it?”


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