Thursday, 1 March 2012

Boh-Ring-It Miss Thang

I am super obsessed with MJ’s style it is tremendously boarder line bipolar with hints of schizophrenia. Yes, it is CRAY, CRAY!!! Never consistent and never looking previous.

He is like a style chameleon and a fashion peacock. Always changing and embellished with the most vibrant and eliminating colours (OK, fine that’s if he is not going all hard Goth metal on us, Yes he also takes it there at times!)

Hard to pin point for most, challenging to understand for those who like to label and categorize. He is black card holder to the member’s only radical sense of style. Those only in the know about the ins and outs, nooks and croons, secret passwords and bespoke gestures of this club can TOTALLY be all up on his style grill.   

Like this day when I am bumped in to him he was on some chilled elements; Oversized PRADA frames [Check], Cowl Neck shirt [Check], Jamaican flavoured Shopper Bag [Check], Weaved Fedora Hat [Check], MJ featuring [Boh-Ring-It]


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