Thursday 17 November 2011

Volume-To-The-Max Leather Numbers

I am all about striking leather numbers; especially belts and bags. When I see a leather item I fancy, I instinctively bury my nose in it and smell if it’s the real deal, I must be able to smell that animal dung on it.

After that out comes 101 tricks of weaving out potential future problems - I hate having to return an object of desire back to the store, because it looks so perfect I just want it to be perfect, having to return or exchange takes the fizz out the champers - checking stitches, stretching, wringing e.t.c its a spectacle it could take a few hours till I finally make the purchase decision.

These cray-cray numbers are products of ZARA. Absolute show offs those guys from ZARA design team they are.

I have already scooped myself one of them, like I said on my previous post I am all about volume-to-the-max!

These number a voluminous and quite accommodating; I love the fact that you can stuff everything including a notebook. The versatility of it, everyday-wear come weekend getaway. Yes for that price and the leather quality you should be able to get yourself some good mileages out of it and it should be able to sustain.

There is no modesty when it comes to matters of dead processed animals!

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