Thursday 17 November 2011

Jerri's Trinkets And Tricks

A good ol' friend Kimora Lee-Simmons-Hounsou once shared with us; "If you nervous you must up the cologne factor wear the whole bottle if you have to, at least people will remember your killer scent" she justified.

I say always have a box filled with little trinkets for major tricks. “Trinkets & Tricks” I call it! Those are the kind of things that always get recognised and complemented first and great conversation openers. A scenario usually start like this " OMG that is super cute..." than you take it from there.

Just see how I used this cute as button trinket to add a little aesthetic trick to my blazer. It sure helps that there is an Eiffel Tower and a big pearly heart in the mix, such luxe!

They sure weren’t lying when they said dynamites come in small packages!

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