Sunday, 11 August 2013

Media Release | Mina Evans Will Showing at the Durban Fashion Fair

A splash of African colour and style will come to the Durban Fashion Fair on August 24 when celebrated Ghanaian designer, Mina Evans and her namesake brand take to the runway at the much anticipated fashion extravaganza. 
Although she studied in both the United Kingdom and South Africa, Durban Fashion Fair will be the first time that Evans has participated in a major South African fashion event. “This is my first time showing in South Africa and in Durban, although it is not first time visiting! I am honoured to have been invited and I am really looking forward to checking out the fashion scene in Durban. I think it’s a beautiful city and can’t wait to show!” she said.

Mina Evans exemplifies just what a truly professional African designer can bring to the international fashion scene and will certainly be an inspiration to the new designers who will show their creations to both national and international fashionistas for the very first time,” Shangase said. 

The Mina Evans brand was formally launched in 2010 with the inaugural Jewels & Tulle collection captured by the popular lifestyle show “Studio 53”. Influenced by Ghana’s veteran fashion designer, Kofi Ansah, Mina Evans exhibits a love for fusing luxurious fabrics and intricate handpicked embellishments to produce feminine, stylish and flawless pieces that are wearable time after time. The brand is readily identified by its signature tie-dyed fabrics and bold colours.

Evans lists wwinning the Glitz Emerging designer of the Year at Glitz Africa Fashion Week, showing at Vlicso Be Your Dream Awards Night and showing at Ghana Fashion and Design Week last year as career highlights.

“I think there is tremendous potential in Africa. We need to look past what’s in front of us. What other textiles can we use? Are we presenting something that cannot already be purchased in Europe? There are eyes on Africa and it is up to us to make our products competitive because we are definitely bringing something different into the mix,” she says.

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