Thursday, 11 August 2011

Ferocious Ghanaian Fashion Beast

Let’s just grab this bull by its pear and declare Mina Evans a SLAYER armed with a sewing machine! I was blinking at rapid rate of 350 nano-seconds per flick, with drool off my mouth flooding the floor whilst going through Mina Evans’s Male Collection Look Book earlier today.

I love the bold colours with the fusion of Ghanaian -Tribal prints;  prints are not nauseating nor look like Ghanaian-Patriotism vomited all over it.

I am in distraught need of the electric blue number seeing that hues of blues are reigning supreme this coming season. The Lemon-butter, off-white and the burgundy numbers are topping the Lust-List! Looks like the next pit-stop is Ghana!

Happy Shopping,  for orders email:

Shake Your Tits, I love Your Work!