Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Jerri Mokgofe x GQ South Africa - My Style Page Feature

What do you say when the Fashion Director of GQ South Africa and GQ  Style South Africa rings you and say; “ Hello Jerri, we DIE for your style and we would like to feature you for our MY STYLE PAGE in our July / August 2012 issue” Of course an immediate response is FUCK YEAH! That is exactly what happened to me last year, yes it a delayed share, it’s just that I have stuff to do you know, I am busy. 

Last year for my birthday I only received two presents (go figure); the first one was a bouquet of flowers, it wasn’t exactly a bouquet but was rather an arrangement of about 12 red roses in a miniature shopper-esque bag made out of a copper sheet - cute. With the flowers was a message in the card that stated that the flowers were part 1 of 2 of my birthday present. Part 2 of the present was supposed to be delivered later on but shit happens, I guess. Consequently I never got to receive it for some reasons known to only by the sender. I still don’t know what the other part of the present was. I did ask how big the box was and I was told it was a small box that got me really excited because the most expensive presents come in small boxes. Depending on how expensive this alleged part 2 present was it must have accumulated or depreciated value by now.  (Yes, that was a bit of a personal-melodrama-over-share but I thought I just add it in for theatrical effect and to pique your interest. You know, set the mood and stuff).

The second present I got was a feature in GQ Magazine South Africa – July/August 2012 issue. A little mission I believe was orchestrated by my fashion and style angels from above or wherever those heifers a flapping those designer wings. That is how I would like to view it, that is my theory and I am sticking to it as it make me smile if only a little. I was photographed by the genius that is Brett Rubin
It just didn’t end there, they subsided the print edition with a 10 days coverage of my personal style diary – which like a “what I wore today” vibe on their site.  I am going  to share with you more images from those posts than they could starting from today for the next few coming days. 

This is what GQ had to say about me in the mag:

“As one of Joburg's most exciting style anomalies, Jerri Mokgofe is a pitcher of ice-cold water in the face of South African's often sleepy approach to men's styling. With an administrative business degree in marketing management, Jerri has become quite the entrepreneur. He is best known for his work as a stylist, publicist and blogger with celebrities, magazine editors, fashion houses and modelling and advertising agencies.

His personal style is often viewed as borderline eccentric, but this boy has an immaculate sense of balance. He's not afraid to experiment, but is certainly never ridiculous. As an ardent devotee of high-concept fashion, he believes in the balance of the masculine and feminine principles of an outfit. He's moving into exciting new territories that will redefine contemporary masculinity, and encourages men to embrace bold prints, colours, texture and silhouette.”Jason Alexander Basson

Isn’t that just fabulous, on that note Team GQ has spoken and it would be rude to carry on blowing my own horn any further!


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