Tuesday 15 January 2013

Andrés Velencoso x Candy Magazine | Fur God's Sake Editorial

Andrés Velencoso photographed by Xevi Muntané and styled by Ana Murillas for the Fall/ Winter 2012-13 issue of Candy Magazine.

If I had a bank rolling daddy  - a biological one or a life acquired one  - I would be the Candy Magazine South Africa  - Editor at Large amongst other things obviously. I havent paged through the mag as yet but from the covers I have seen, I simply love it! Sucks that no one stocks this rag here in Johannesburg, I suppose that’s why there is a little thing called e-commerce.

This has to be the best editorial I have seen thus far this month it is absolutely heart melting. The second image of Andrés Velencoso pulling a cutesy head-tilt-side-look-smile is just to die for. Super nunus I just want to stuff him in my pocket and feed him tasty lil treats. The seventh shot as well got feeling cuddly and shit. Such a brilliant model with a dynamic face, every shot and frame is different from the other in the way he delivers and engage the camera. 

This man’s looks are a God’s way of showing off! Absolutely FUCKENAMANZING! He kinda looks like he could pass as Marc Jacobs brother in another lifetime!

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