Monday 20 August 2012

ZANDO’s New Television Advert

Ordering online is considered somewhat of a ‘double buzz,’ reason is you get two very unique pleasures when shopping online. The first comes when checking out your item of purchase online and the second rush hits when the doorbell rings with your delivery. ZANDO’s new Television advert is all about just that.

“Picking the actors was a real scream,” says Annelle Erasmus (Creative Director at ZANDO). In the early hours of just a normal working day, the ZANDO office was filled with screams – screams of joy, elation & yells of pure happiness. What was about over 200 actors and actresses had entered the boardrooms, all competing for one simple part that may or may not be their big break. The casting for the very first Television commercial of ZANDO was literally a battle of the voices.

So why all the screaming you may ask? The female role had something to be ecstatic about; while the male role has a realisation that his life will never be the same again. The reason for all this is of course ZANDO, South Africa’s reason to shop online for fashion, shoes and accessories.

The ZANDO TV commercial captured what it really means to shop online with a great sense of humour.  “It shows what a woman discovers in shopping for fashion online, not to mention her reaction while receiving her deliveries. She loses her head completely, not only because her new wardrobe is being delivered to her for free, but also because she already knows what she is going to buy next.” says Megan Pascall (Fashion Editor at ZANDO). All this happens while her husband is in her closet, very much aware of his future. His wife has now learned how to shop from home, from a place that offers Cash on Delivery as an option, with the widest range of fashion online. His scream of fear as he hears yet another ZANDO delivery at his front door is priceless, not to mention how he makes every single man out there wonder the same thing – how in this world will I hide my credit card? He tries desperately to make the male population out there aware of ZANDO, only to be interrupted by his own wife’s scream of elation. That is when he realises that there is no defence.

Director                      : Bruce Mac Donald
Producer                    : Javed Aboobaker
Production Co.          : Mindblowing Productions
Creative Director      : Annelle Erasmus (ZANDO)
Fashion Editor           : Megan Pascall (ZANDO)

From The Desk of: Gennaro Pisapia 021 200 7613 |

P.S You know what they say; Nothing makes you feel a little bit better than something new. So don’t be shy burn that plastic HERE

Team Zando, do the right thing and treat me to something FABOOSH! I am thinking that stone washed acid dyed Rocco Cavalli denim shirt and a pair of white slim fitted denims. Thanks

Well done Team!

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