Monday 20 August 2012

Gepardissima Sponsors Miss Earth South Africa 2012

Gepardissima is proud to announce sponsorship of ‘Miss Earth South Africa in association with Consol’ 2012. Gepardissima has designed be custom - made jewellery creations especially for all the 18 “Miss Earth South Africa” Finalists. Miss Earth SA takes place on the 25th of August at Monte Casino from 7pm onwards.

Gepardissima will congratulate the winning ladies – Queen and her three Princesses – by presenting to them as a gift, exclusive creations worth about R35.000, 00. So the beauty of the ladies and the elegance of Gepardissima’s creations will be combined and speak for themselves.

Gepardissima is excited to be associated with a prestigious programme of such stature and style that has a solid focus on preserving nature and creating a sustainable future.

‘A Gepardissima piece is for the bold, sophisticated and confident lady. A lady with a strong sense of self-knowledge; like the contestants of ‘Miss Earth South Africa. In association with Consol’ The lady who wears a vibrant Gepardissima piece possesses a vivid imagination, style and elegance and is courageous in expressing herself. She loves what is nobly designed by a culture of elegance based on what is naturally created by nature,’ passionately explained Harald Sitta of Gepardissima.

‘Gepardissima will ensure Miss Earth South Africa has the perfect elegant accessories for her public engagements throughout her reign,’ Sitta explained further

About Gepardissima

Gepardissima Ornament Design CC is a “Proudly South African” sublime jewellery company creating unique pieces (necklaces, earrings and bracelets).  Gepardissima’s style is an eclectic & sophisticated crossover of Classic European taste intertwined with the vibrant style of Egoli. Elements used are precious stones, corals, shells, pearls and other carefully selected elegant materials like lava stones, Murano glass or Swarovski crystal elements. Even diamonds and other noble stones, like tanzanite or rubies may be incorporated according to client request. Elegance, abundance and variety are guiding the design process.

The various creation lines are specially named according to their components and colours like “LadyLeopard’ or “EternalEgoli” or “TourquoiseBourgoise”.  Every piece is hand made, unique and will never be repeated.

About Miss Earth

Miss Earth South Africa in association with Consol is a programme that aims to empower young South African ladies with the knowledge and platform to create a sustainable difference in our plight to combat the destruction of our natural heritage. The event helps create awareness of our environment, wildlife and the conservation of our natural legacy in South Africa, and ultimately the preservation of “Mother Earth.”

From The Desk of: Sibogile Nangu

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