Tuesday, 5 June 2012

YES, Sometimes I Just Kick It With Sweatpants On

Yes it is OK, you do not have to Boh-Ring-It every day, you are allowed a relaxed day to look like you do not care meanwhile. BUT make no mistake you still have to look To-Ger-Tha, you simply cannot be looking previous!

Mix all the elements together, grab your best confidence and enthusiastic smile for the day and bounce around. You cannot walk around with you best New-York-Drop-Dead-Stare when you rather looking previous, it’s just not going to work to your advantage.

The one thing that slays when you pulling the relaxed look is the bag you carry. The best most show stopping bag is what you will be in dying need of when you going this ‘alternative’ route. Avoid, holding coffee, bottled water, trainers and big sunglasses well I do not need to elaborate on that now do I?

I was surprised the other day whilst busy doing my own thang at the shops and some lady was like; “You look so cute” Usually things could have gone the other way as I have a mental block against the word ‘cute’ (another story for another finger-keyboard-clicking-session). She went on to say; “You know everything just works, the beanie the sweat pants but most importantly the bag, the bag is just stunning and pulls it all together”

I was all about modesty and simmering in a pool of complements because sometimes that’s all you have to do, smile your best beauty pageant fossils showcase smile, be gracious and appreciative and just say; THANK YOU. In my head  I was like you got that right sistah, right-on!

O’ just in case you are wondering, No, I wasn’t wearing that but same-different vibe.

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