Thursday, 14 June 2012

Lira For Sylvester Falata Power Designer-Muse Affair

This has to be one of the first solid muse-designer affairs that have been going on for eons that really stood the test of time. Lira and Sylvester Falata designs seems so sincere, a mutual share of values and pooled an immense amount of loyalty to one another. It wouldn’t come as a surprise to discover that this setting is really something that just happened and not bind by some hefty service level agreement paper work (or I could be wrong). Maybe I should get in touch with either one of them and find out what the deal is; and get their secret recipe that maintained for some many years thus far.

Lira; wardrobe is almost synonymous with Sylvester Falata designs (well for commercial social and performances I suppose) you hear “Lira will be performing” and automatically you anticipate a SF design she will be wearing. I believe they have reached the stages of; top of mind brand recognition and brand loyalty amongst themselves and broader scope of consumers.

I came across these recent images of Lira clad in… You guessed it, an accentuating bodycon maxi dress in Kelly green with shoulder cut out detail. Not too sure what this is for but Miss Thang is WERKING that number! The Afrique inspired accessories paired with just takes this humble dress to higher grounds!

Lira is my South African Diva of Choice, I just adore her! Her unassuming nature, talent and that ever bright welcoming smile is just beyond me. Definitely has that star quality, she is a kind person you just want to encounter from a stone throw away and not really make contact with her cause you do not want to be believe she is a human being and has flaws as that might spoil the whimsical mystery for you.