Thursday, 15 March 2012

DUEPUNTI Launches In South Africa

"Duepunti is a diamond silicone ring from Milan made in Italy which is known as the unconventional diamond because the setting is not gold or platinum.  In Italian DUE is two & PUNTI is point and a 0.02 carat is mounted in sterling silver & set in silicone of which 19 vibrant colours can be selected in small medium or large.  

The idea behind the brand is the fusion of two elements, the classical diamond and the unconventional material being used, the silicone.  This is an innovative and daring jewel that makes diamonds accessible to everyone.  Duepunti is a vision you create depending on your mood it is versatile & can be worn dressed up or down to add glamour, style or just make a point. 

 The design has a patent license which is a technical setting to ensure the diamond is secure for your enjoyment so you can sparkle.  This is the 1st in the world and has just launched into the South African market.

Duepunti diamond rings features bold colors, one of a kind designs and innovative concepts to bring a fresh, fun and modern definition to the traditional diamond ring. Each ring consists out of a 0.02 CTS diamond set in a silver mount combined with a non-allergenic silicone support.
Duepunti is made in Italy and has been sold throughout the USA, Japan, Australia, the UK, and Greece – and is now available in South Africa. The Duepunti collection comes in 19 vibrant colours and is in a class of its own with no other brand like it in South Africa, making it a great addition to any wardrobe.
Duepunti has celebrated incredible success internationally with superstars like Nicki Minaj and Alessandra Ambrosio wearing their colourful rings to big events and on a daily basis. Locally Duepunti has already gained a celebrity following with Miss SA Melinda Bam being one of the first trendsetters to wear this exciting new brand.
They will be retailed at Mervis Brothers Eastgate, Le Bijou Bluebird & Spilhaus as from 1st April 2012.  The retail recommended retail price range per ring is R840.00 – R999.00
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Altessa Altamura

From The Desk of : Altessa Altamura

Do not say I did not warn you! I need three of these in my life in; black, pink and turquoise. Instead of those silly little plastic bands and broken heart chain pieces these can be the new “IT” token of friendship accessories!

These numbers have high value, they styling, trendy, colorful and filled with a rock; because just like diamonds friendships should last forever.  If not at least get a precious stone out of that relation.