Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Avant | Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Johannesburg A/W '11 - '12 Collection

Two words to describe the collection would be Singularity Architectural. Without a grain of doubt Avant Apparel by Alison Bailey & Lauren Du Plessis was the stellar of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Johannesburg A/W 2012. 

The previous night Tamara Dey did warn me about the duo when I enquired about the stunning number she was wearing, she then told me she was dressed by Avant Apparel and was sad as she will be missing their show the following day due to work commitments in Cape Town.
It is always the under dogs that will whip it up, let you simmer in it and leave you shaking your tits! With this type of bespoke dexterity the team is destined for superior things in, around and beyond the fashion boulevards. 

Exaggerated, voluminous, architectural garment construction, finished, well thought off, Capes, Poncho-inspired, vulnerability-meets-powerful-demeanour, pungent boudoir flavour, flowy maxis, cinched waist, flawless styling and opulence! These gurls WeRKeD and the collection was the TRUTH!

I am dying to make international reference and state things like “Avant Apparel would be brilliant to showcase at London Fashion Week – main slot” but I will refrain from such talk. During the show I did make a good-nasty reference by tweeting “TOM FORD simmer in that now that’s a cape” when the first look hit the runway. A bold statement as I am totally obsessed with TOM the only  - TOM in the world - Mister FORD if you will. 

The designs and creativity showcased here is super dazzling and I am going to take pride in the crispy clear fact that the work is local. I am not going to subscribe to the school of thought that if it’s good and locally produced then it is not good enough for home but better off in the international shores. 

International acknowledgement is brilliant for publicity and big bucks (if and when it happens) but yes the work of the designer’s surpassed my expectations. These are the creative brain kids of our very own South African designers, therefore let’s cherish, appreciate and support their work. 

Retail fashion buyers, general fashion buyers, stylists, editors, and all ready to support and share resources take note and lets all join forces. Look no further start at home. 
Motswana o rile; matsogo diatla, a tlhapisana. 

In the words of Tata Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela; “Those who are ready to join hands can overcome the greatest challenges”

Images by the forever generous | Simon Deiner | SDR / photography |