Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Craig Native "Home Coming" Collection

Craig Native rolled out and dug deep in the annals. The styling of the clothes was together and trendy in that street vintage vibe. The music very effervescent and the schmodels were sprinting up and down the approximately 120 meters long runway and breaking down a move in between their strut the whole thing was absolutely endearing!
After seeing the collection I was unquestionably mortified that I didn’t own any Craig Native piece, I gotts to fix that as a matter of urgency!
Oversized rolled up washed-out-blue denims plus the oversized midriff top with subtle-geometric print tee in a nude colour combo is Totally Mah-Jor!
The banded collar denim shirt plus the geometric grandpa cardigan mix is absolutely one of frontrunners! The look is totally Cape Townian.
The “What U Ghanna Do?” print Tee from his previous collection played tricks with my brain. In the midst of the photographing, fashion show adrenalin rush and analyzing garments; primarily when I read the print I was like HUH?!? Than just like in cartoons an animated light bulb above my head went ON and I was like oooooow “What You Gonna Do” very clever Mister Native, love the replacement of the American slang word with an African vibe!
It was the tribal print, up-to-the-minute three quarter carrot cut jumpsuit that stole the show for, Back It, Flip it and Reverse It!