Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Malcolm Klux CGDT Home Coming Collection

Malcolm and Christian grabbed it by the thread and twirled with it unbreakable! For their “Home Coming” voyage to Durban they packed those suit cases and strut with them harder than Naomi-Campbell’s-BlackBerry-Throwing -Aptitude!
I kept imagining the nostalgic oohs and aahs they went through whilst picking the pieces to showcase.  
Malcolm Klux CGDT creations are always discerningly rich with striking details galore!
When I saw fare la Modella clad in a ferociously Beat two piece leopard print combo strutting like a spot on jungle cat down the runway I had a full on moment. I prowled and I was ready to pounce, all I could hear was Nigel screeching: “Guard your loins she is coming and it’s about to be a jungle out there!”
The detailed animal print engineered tote bag is an absolute sheer genius it speaks volumes! I had a full on conversation with it whilst sashaying past me! I need that masterpiece in my life!
That voluminous wedding gown paired with a cropped detailed jacket has the ability to Shut-Close-The-Revolving-Door!
The collection was together; I kept thinking if this is from their previous collections that means when they showcased in the past years the pieces must have been three seasons ahead the trending focus. It was absolutely magnificent to see the pieces heavily layered and styled differently.
During the show I kept anticipating Lindiwe pulling a Pop-Up Toaster move from underneath the ocean and breaking out in to a song. I know it sounds intense but her performances are always totally cray cray and creative.
The show was like seeing a good old classic black and white movie with a modern twist.  The “vintage meets Now and Beyond” is how I would express this collection.