Monday, 23 May 2011

Someone Please ID "The Skirt"

When I first saw this image on one of my outmost favourite photoblog;  it reduced me to a state of watery eyes. I suddenly got drained and light headed. One thing about me is beautiful things make me so happy and that contentment instantaneously gets diverted in to desolation. I guess beauty messes up with my chemical balance.

I mean how astonishingly marvelous is this well engineered skirt this lady is wearing, I feel mortified for calling it a “The Skirt”. The word sounds generic and I feel as if it cheapens this magnum opus.

This piece speaks volumes and it looks like it could easily fox trot down the streets on its own without a wearer!

Everything on this lady just looks TOGETHER. Of course she is on her way to ogle the Louis Vuitton Spring / Summer 2011 collection at Paris Fashion Week.