Friday 24 October 2014

Grooming: Oral-B Launches Their First Toothpaste In SA!

South Africa’s #1 brush manufacturer, Oral-B has launched a toothpaste for the very first time in this country, heralding a new era of oral care in South Africa.

Considered to be one of the most significant advancements in oral health since the introduction of fluoride, and one of the top 100 scientific inventions in the past 50 years! Thanks to this technology, Oral-B Pro Expert is set to improve the oral health of all South Africans.

Oral-B Pro Expert combines eight key benefits to bring you an evolution in toothpaste thanks to its Stannous Complex. Embrace the beauty of your unique smile and complement your oral care regime with the latest toothpaste to ensure healthier and stronger teeth!

Oral-B Pro Expert can be used regularly as a twice-daily essential. Good oral hygeine is key to preventing dental problems and Oral-B Pro Expert is proven to:

• Remove dental plaque that contains decay-causing bacteria
• Slow down the production of tartar (hardened calcified plaque)
• Slow down the erosion of tooth enamel
• Whiten and brighten teeth by removing trapped stains
• Improve bad breath by inhibiting bacteria

I got to try the toothpaste a month before it launched in the country and this is what I thought of it:

Week 1:I did not expect the fine grain texture of the Oral-B Pro Expert, took me by surprise. Grainy but not too grainy, a perfect balance.”

Week 2:I like the taste and gentleness of the toothpaste in my mouth. It is still minty fresh but quite subtle and not overpowering like your normal entry toothpastes. Yet not too creamy and yucky like other specialized toothpastes. 

You can still eat or drink something citrus i.e fruit juices or fruit salad directly after brushing your teeth and not get that horrible jaw tingling sensation.”

Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think…

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