Thursday 17 July 2014

Media Release : Babatunde Umbrella Collection 2014

“We are original because Africa is original” Babatunde Creative Director- Gareth Cowden.

Born in central Johannesburg in 2009, Babtunde has grown from a headwear experiment into an incredible concept brand, created by an inspired and inspiring South African; Gareth Cowden. The word Babatunde is a Yoruba (Nigerian) name and translated means “the father returns”. This season the meaning behind this name is quite fitting as Babatunde have recently released their latest collection as they return with a truly brilliant collection. The collection is comprised of materials and prints that have been sourced from the heart of Africa coupled with contemporary designs and these two elements are central to Babatunde accessories offering.

The Babatunde brand stands for strong African values, each product is unique in the way in which the fabric is cut and each piece is hand made in South Africa. Gareth Cowden embodies his love for Africa in his collections and this is something the whole world can appreciate.

From The Desk Of:  Alexia Cimato | Styling Concepts |

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