Tuesday 20 May 2014

Media Release: G-STAR Brings RAW Night To Johannesburg

G-STAR hosted an exclusive RAW night in JHB after the Cape Town one that happened early this year. Everybody was there – naturally - no surprise there. This was a kind of event where the bar served RedBull all night, if you have attended a lot of events before you w(sh)ould  know what that means.

Prior to the event, I and seven other individuals were invited to a light snack-supper. We spent about two hours chatting to Shubhankar Ray; Global Brand Director of G-STAR over some sip-sips and nibble-nibbles. He took us through his life journey, a little boy born in India, living in London, getting introduced to the underground London night life (music, sex, drugs and rock-roll), studying and graduating as a scientist, dropping out of his MBA studies, landing a job at Levi’s and ditching it for a much opulent role at G-STAR. G-STAR novel fibre technology they use, intricate detail pattern construction, luxury denim price market sensitivity, demand and supply. To being best buddies with Hollywood A-List celebrities, musicians and industry veterans and looking forward to trolling the streets of SOWETO the following day.

Shubhankar told un an inspiring and insightful story that at one point I told him that I would like to pen his autobiography for him – don’t question my writing skills, I am brilliant.

Aidaly Sosa gifted me some of thee most yummiest G-STAR denims ever, thanks guurl

Shake Your Tits, Love your work!

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