Monday 31 March 2014

Going Up:::: Converse Clash Wall Johannesburg by Rasty Knayles

Selfie Time

After nonstop rain, the Johannesburg lag of Converse #ClashWall global campaign activation finally commenced. Last week Friday I spent with team @Converse_Africa at a viewing deck watching Rasty interactively create an art masterpiece with artwork inpiration submitted by Converse fans over Twitter.

I hear this is the biggest clash wall to be created thus far from all participating countries. It is 53 metres high x 12 across (14 storeys) on a 600m of canvas. That is pretty incredible and I hope none of the other countries partaking on this campaign try to steal the Joburg ginormous shine.

Keep it locked as I will be posting some images of you how the complete wall looks like sometime this week. These are some of the pictures of the work-in-progress I managed to snap last week.


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  1. jerri i dont think there is anything wrong if all the other african country like mine start something like this... i mean we all love converse and we would do anything to see it sell anywhere.