Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Celio South Africa: According To Jerri x Lust List

As you might have read HERE previously that the French menswear brand CELIO* is all over South African retail industry’s face. I have decided to pick my favourite pieces from their winter 2014 collection, these are a complete MUST HAVEs – don’t argue it go buy them now.

The celio man is relatable, does not take himself too seriously, pays attention to his appearance, is optimistic, urban and appreciates life. The celio man reads According To Jerri or his man or his woman reads According To Jerri or they cuddle up in bed with a cup of coffee every morning and read According To Jerri.

The celio* male wardrobe for Autumn/Winter 2014 consists of three collections:

The URBAN collection is devoted to sophistication in which each clothing piece gives a subtle sense of distinction. This collection offers a broad range of materials: woolen fabrics, velvet and chambray crafted in warm tones of burgundy, khaki, chestnut and camel. Particular attention has been paid to the fit of this collection, with finely worked finishes (details on the inner side of the collars, cuffs, jackets, trousers and waistbands).

The FREE collection offers casual, chic designs, such as down jackets revised in new proportions, with or without sleeves, with a strong military influence, all designed for the man on the go.  Worked in a monochrome palette, the looks play on shades of brown, grey and khaki, sometimes set off with green and electric blue.

The more formal CLUB collection reinterprets the suit, offering new looks combining attitude with quality in which tradition has been given a modern feel. Without falling into excess, jackets are accessorised with pocket-handkerchiefs that often match the linings. Knitwear is paired with the refinement of flannel and tweed to give a warm and stylish contrast. The shirts confirm a return to regal style.

I love the versatility of the cameo wood blend coat and the wood varsity jacket with leather* sleeves. I can already see these pieces worn by either a girl or a boot styled according to their personal take on them.

I walked in the Rosebank store two days ago and noticed that they have a summer sale on - 30% off all Celio* clothing to be exact. Who doesn’t love a little bit of bargaining? I got me a thing or two.  Be it something

Store Details:
Shop 307, Rosebank Mall, 50 Bath Avenue, Johannesburg, Tel: 011 880 0115
Shop 655 UL,  Canal Walk Mall, Sable Road, Century City, Cape Town, Tel

Instagram: @CelioZA
Twitter: CelioZA

Enjoy the CELIO* collection and happy shopping!

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