Saturday 8 February 2014

Media Release: Gaschette Magazine Launches A New Weekly Platform

Gaschette Magazine welcomes a new offering to their readers. While the main magazine will still be bringing you exclusive and beautiful new fashion and beauty editorial content every 6 weeks, Design Portal will provide daily updates on fashion, beauty, street style and lifestyle trends.

The founders of Gaschette found it was time to expand the brand to an exciting innovative level through the use of HTML 5 technology. Editor in Chief, Colin O'mara Davis, explains, "I think it's very important that we keep pushing the boundaries in terms of what is expected of a designed-focused publication, not just for our readers, but for us as creatives as well. We've explored certain aspects of new-media production in the main magazine before, like motion editorials, fashion film and gif-covers – but in launching the DesignPortal, we've really created a fun testing ground for responsive design using HTML 5."

The most exciting thing about this new technology is that this responsive design can engage the reader like never before – even with something as simple as a background that changes colour whenever you move your mouse or tap a screen. From a design and layout perspective, this foundation has allowed Gaschette to be a little more creative in how they treat graphic elements – so they designed things like sliders, widgets and feature blocks with patterned line-art and negative space in mind. Colin goes on to explain, "These are baby-steps, but in future this means that we'll be developing much more interactive content – and if nothing else, all new ways for people to waste their time at work with."

The new venture sees several new editors joining the Gaschette Team.

 Collin O’Mara Davis - Creative director and graphic designer
Mokgofe Jerri – Street Style Editor

Lupton Jess - Production, Conceptual styling. Co-founder, Curator & Fashion Director

Davison Kate- Copy Chief

Klara Van Wyngaarden – Lifestyle Editor

Marco Reikstins -  Menswear Editor

Melissa Maxted-Henderson – Beauty Editor
Marais Steve - Fashion photographer and founder & publisher

Design Portal officially launched on Monday 3 February 2014. Visit Design Portal at

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