Sunday 10 November 2013

Alek Wek Goes Bananas for iNDALO Bag x Johannesburg, South Africa

So Alexa Liss was standing by minding her own biz-wax, pretending not to jizzing her pants at the thought of being in the same room with Alek Wek. Alek Wek passes by her, Alexa’s bag catches Alek’s eyes,  and she compliments the iNDALO Bag by Inga Gubeka she was carrying and continues to tell her how much she loves it. Alexa Liss like any other self respecting fashion diva dumped her handbag contents in a plastic bag (don’t ask) and handed the bag to Alek Wek right then and there.

Alek Wek like any self respecting world renowned model, she did not care about details of where the bag she was being gifted came from. She elegantly smiled and snatched the bag with wide open arms. Kissed Alexa Liss, thanked her and waltzed away with her new prized possession.

Strange story? NOT AT ALL. Imagine Naomi Campbell passes by and complements anything in my possession I will gladly hand it over!

Good sport Alexa Liss, now send some of your fabulous clothes to Alek Wek  to wear. In order to make you a fashion designer to be reckoned with utilizing the power of association rule!

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