Thursday 5 September 2013

Superga x Spring Summer 2013 Must Have COTW Heritage Mule Sneakers #LustListATJ

We are slipping into spring with the new Superga mule sneaker. This Spring/Summer season Superga presents an effortlessly cool backless sneaker that will provide all the comfort and support needed in a casual shoe.  

With an added sense of freedom for leisure wear and perfect for after sport wear, the classic backless shoes add more ease to any casual-chic get-up. The canvas slides are more than just bare; they feature laces, fully breathable pure cotton and top-stitched upper and the signature “slimline” on the rubber base of the kicks. 

They are in my Spring Summer 2013 #LustListATJ which means that there is a pair to share with you in the hamper too! Everyone will be wearing a pair of these therefore I would hate for you to be seen looking last season. 

Click here  to spill all the juice on how to stand a chance to own a pair of these!

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