Thursday 5 September 2013

PUMA x Spring Summer 2013 IT Sneakers Future TRNMC Slipstream Lite ZB #LustListATJ

The PUMA Slipstream made way as an iconic sneaker silhouette in 1988 when it was adopted by basketball players and sneaker-heads for its colossal style and unique design. 
Inspired by the Tokyo scene in 2002, the Slipstream joined the ranks of Japanese monster lore and became known as the Slipstream Beast with material embellishments in animal prints, leather, and fur.

This season, PUMA’s Future TRNMC Slipstream Lite ZB is nearly an all new silhouette.  Staying true to its original outsole and hexagon tread pattern, new design elements include patterns arranged in angles and contrast color-pop to break up the materials.  The shoe’s upper is a combination of pony hair and a high gloss snake and zebra-printed canvas, helping to continue this style’s long reign over the high-collared kingdom.

These sneakers are EVERYTHING and we are all over them this season! Totes Obz. How do you spell Urban Jungle again?

Click here  to spill all the juice on how to stand a chance to own a pair of these! I know it is quite unreal but YES I have a few pairs of these to gift you. Everyone will be wearing a pair this summer. ABT (always be on trend) because we are ATL (about that life). RIDIC right?

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