Wednesday 18 September 2013

Grazia Magazine South Africa (11th September 2013 Issue) Fashion Jury

Grazia Magazine South Africa asked me to be one of their fashion jury for their 11th September 2013 issue and I was like let’s go! What better issue to be asked to be fashion jury than the one with Miley TwerkCyrus covering it. Definitely all won’t be what it seems cause we are about not that life

Applause. It is the season for leather, faux leather, PVC, lace, sheer, dungarees, POP ART and wild hair. SHE CAN STAY!

Love hearings and her nail polish is fetch. I love the tapestry trend she is embracing not a big fan of the dress pattern. The knot situation happening brings attention to her navel area than her radiant smile and toned legs. Your exit music is playing Selema!
Love the clutch purse. Love her statement jewels (ring and earrings.) That dress and those pump heels = H&M (Hot Mess!).
Onsie? Totally en vogue! Camo print? So last season! When Rihanna is looking like a G for Life wearing the combo this season? EVERYTHING!

Monochrome rouge. Subtle, lady like, the red brings out her new hairdo, yet it is boring and she awfully wears a lot of red. Love the length of the dress and fabric texture. The chunky link gold chain needs to go! Girl bye!

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