Wednesday 10 July 2013

South African Fashion Designer Talk x Marea Lewis of Augustine x OCD Collection

I had a Q&A with Marea Lewis of AUGUSTINE to find out a little bit more about the collection ...

Tell me a little more about the fabrics used in OCD collection?
The fabrics used were personally selected by both Maps and Augustine. We wanted to go for a colour palette that would make an impact but still remain classic. All fabrics are luxury fabrics imported from Italy, Germany and United Kingdom. We incorporated a lot of leather, suede and wooden buttons.  Shirts are egyptian cotton soft enough to swim in and a must have in any gentleman’s wardrobe. Tapestry was used in the blue suit and rust suit inners. We wanted to incorporate the tapestry into the collection and liked the thought of someone knowing that there was more to the blazer if someone wished to dissect the details further. The same goes for the leather and suede on the blazer under collars.

How many pieces did you design for the OCD collection?
22 pieces

What is the price range (vest, shirt, pants, and jackets)?
The price range is from R650.00 – R6000.00

How long is the collaboration/ collection going to last for?
We have not put a timeline on the collection. We ultimately are a bespoke label and make things to order, so it will last as long as there is an interest in the used fabrics, as well as the availability of the said fabrics.

Are the pieces ready to purchase off the rack or every item will be made upon order?
The collection is not a ready to wear collection; it is a bespoke suit collection. For that reason we produced shirts, waistcoats and ties which are ready to be purchased. With regards to suits, we prefer to make these to order as this is the service we are offering. We want to offer people a different shopping experience, one which involves choice and involvement from design, fabric and most importantly fit. We do push out ready to wear garments which are on display at our store as well as pop up stores.

What is the turnaround time for a bespoke suit, shirt or pants?
Turn around time works as follows. First measurements are taken and the garment is discussed in a consultation. Once a deposit is made production begins. Within a week, a fitting is scheduled. For bespoke clients another two fittings are required and made-to-measure clients can collect their order in the days following the fitting after minor alterations. We require a lead time of no less than two weeks for a fully besopke suit and seven working days for made-to-measure. The timeline may vary based on the intricacy level of the garment.

Women's bespoke collection - please tell me a little more about it and provide credits as well?

AUGUSTINE felt that women also needed a suit range and the option of Bespoke. Women are leaning towards wearing suits now more than ever and we wanted to address that need. We stayed true to the Augustine design aesthetic of strong lines, luxury fabrics, fit and detail. Office attire no longer needs to be by the book and ill fitting.  
Photographer: Steve Marais
Styling: Jess Lupton
Art Direction: Colin O'mara Davis
Makeup: Kelly Fuchs Featuring Sher Hattia



  1. Oh my gosh the garments are amazing and really come to life with Maps in them.
    I think the level of craftsmanship is amazing and those highwaist stone gray trousers in gentlemens wool, are stunning.

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