Wednesday 10 July 2013

Media Release | Shashi Naidoo for Koleston Colour Crème

Affluent model, TV anchor, business woman and socialite, Shashi Naidoo has recently been named the celebrity face of luxury hair colourant brand, Koleston Colour Crème. Launched by Wella, Koleston offers a range of colours which are unapologetically rich and seductive, and sets the standard when it comes to hair that signifies the captivating power of being a woman.
Best known for her nomination as sexiest woman in the world in 2011, Shashi Naidoo epitomises the mysterious power of being a woman. “This made her the first and only choice when it came to selecting a celebrity best placed to represent the luxury and premium quality of Koleston Colour Crème,” says Jeanne du Plessis, brand communications manager of Wella.

“My hair has always been my ultimate accessory when I need to look and feel beautiful, which is why I was delighted to be approached by Koleston Colour Crème. I love the fact that Koleston exists to unapologetically celebrate the sensuality in every woman. I believing in indulging our innermost goddesses, and for this reason Koleston is a brand with which I can truly connect,” explains Naidoo.

No stranger to the transformation that comes with colouring one’s hair, Naidoo offers several tips to those wishing to give their beauty regime a dash of vibrant and sensual colour:

1. The best way to choose a colour for your hair is to think about your skin tone and individual style and select a shade that complements these characteristics. This season it is all about making your hair shine with gloss-revving shades.

2. Whether you are covering grey, highlighting a natural shade or wanting a complete image make-over, knowing what you want helps narrow down the hair colour choices

3. Always remember that people with fine hair should reach for brown shades because tones that are too light will make hair appear even finer. A tone darker than your natural colour works best to make hair look thick, rich and sensual

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