Friday 5 July 2013

Functional Fashion: How To Wear Sweater As Scarf x Jerri Mokgofe

Let us quickly talk about functional fashion …

This is for those days that you left the house with a layered look but as the day progresses you get totally bored with it - Yes, you may wear your lumpy sweater - they are very IN - What do you do with you light knitwear jersey, cardigan or sweater that you were wearing?

This is how you can transition the look using your item of choice. I was wearing a houndstooth oversized grandpa knit cardigan so I am using it to demonstrate.
1. You can do the grunge vibe – sweater to waistline
2. You can go dandy and macho – sweater to hand

These two options come with a lot of admin as you could imagine, the first option you have to deal with constant tugging and fastening and adjusting the firmness of the knot. It needs to be tight enough to hold but loose enough to create a look. Too tight and done incorrectly you will look like you well on your way to plough the corn fields. The second option is just admin to walk around with a jersey on your hand and you might lose it.

3. You can go very NOW – sweater to scarf. It is quite the vibe and I am TOTES OBZ with this!

If you care about what I am wearing… ask me in the comment section. As a side note this tricks work much better on boys or boys who dresses like boys sometimes or boys who dresses like girls but dresses like boys in the boy clothes every now and then or girls pulling off their boy's wardrobe. Actually fuck the side note, scratch that - life is too short to style your look according to silly little side notes on blogs. If you feel amazing wearing whatever you wearing then you pro'lly are FUCKINGAMAZING! If you wearing it you have to OWN IT!


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