Friday, 19 April 2013

Masego 'Maps' Maponyane For Augustine

The golden poster boy, everyone wish he could just sit on their faces if only for one night. I know I am disgusting I had to grab your attention with my opening line somehow. Pssssshhh, whateves, guuurl phuleaze you know that aint nothing but the truth sprinkled with the holy juice by Mother Mary herself. 

Here we have the Hot Tamale Maps adorned in Augustine. There are slight whispers doing the rounds about him being the brand’s (Augustine) menswear new creative director or creative-something-something not too sure but something is definitely cooking up in there. So quote me wisely or else you will end up looking like a little Pinocchio. 

In any case this was my of undressing Maps… with my camera under the pretext of taking detailed shots when I was busy lensing his look at SA Fashion Week SS 2013 last week. The craftsmanship that went in to construction of these threads he is wearing, is incredible. It just doesn’t end. The look is EVERYTHING!

Can this boy be less perfect though, like can he leak a sex tape or something? We starting to believe he is not human. 


P.S Written for A FASHION FRIEND and first published HERE

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