Monday 18 March 2013

Media Release | Havaianas Soul Collection in South Africa

From the beach to the street, from summer to winter and from night to day, during life’s
winter we should all be able to find our invisible summer!

Havaianas have introduced a new product that takes the internationally popular flip flop and has evolved this into something quite amazing… the Soul collection! The Soul Collection, a casual footwear range that carries the Havaianas brand's entire spirit that has charmed men and women all over the world has just now arrived in South Africa.

This collection is manufactured using the original coveted Havaianas rubber sole, around which a complete sneaker has been developed. The use of this sole in the Soul collection ensures the continued comfort of the Havaianas customer as they move into a sneaker when it becomes necessary for them to remove their beloved Havaianas flip flops.

Havaianas Urbis II Low – These Havaianas urban style sneakers with Havaianas' soul allow you to escape during the day to a favorite place of relaxation or help keep you on the move with the busy lifestyle. These Havaianas sneakers are a fun interpretation with the actual soles being made from the very same rubber as the sandals and include small details that differentiate them from any other sneaker that is available.

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