Friday 15 March 2013

Aspasia Karras for Tiaan Nagel at Marie Claire x Giorgio Armani Acqua for Life

@AspasiaKarras editor of Marie Claire South Africa turned it up tonight. She sure did ensure that midst all that white noise, nobody got it twisted as to who the HBIC of the Marie Claire x Giorgio Armani Acqua for Life soiree was!  This dress is EVERYTHING and beyond, it is LIFE! Voluminous, floor sweeping, side-boob-revealing, racer-back vest-esque cut, shirt dress, gown all rolled up in one. It is a racer-back-cut-vest gown 2.0.

Die rok is by Tiaan Nagel from his spring summer 2012 collection. Same design just in a different colour. Shop the dress here

I often wonder how it feels for a designer to have their master piece being dragged on the floor and the wearer to have their priced possession floor sweeping away all night. You commission a design / apro or buy this fierce and super pricey frock and drag it around all night that it gets damaged and dirty beyond the consideration point of repeat wearing it. It is an offense in any case you simply cannot wear a show stopping piece like this again to another event. But I guess you can dress up and do dishes in it that does not count. So it makes sense that you drag it around and depreciate the value aka to bring down the cost-per-wear ratio down to zero in one night.


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