Wednesday 17 October 2012

I Love Clothes By Belinda Gaboo | LookBook Shoot Exclusive Footage

The H.B.I.C Miss Thang (Belinda Gaboo) Hard At Work

Don’t you hate it when you arrive at an event and there’s a lady wearing the same outfit as you?! With I Love Clothes, you will never have to worry about this again. 

I Love Clothes is an online clothing store created to cater for women of all shapes, sizes and personalities with one common goal: to look and feel great! Looking good can sometimes seems like a mammoth task, with most of us not knowing where to start, but I Love Clothes is here to help. 

We only make three of each item, which offers our clients increased exclusivity. Our clothes are imported and selected to fulfil the fashion needs and desires of every individual by assisting in finding the perfect outfit for you. I love Clothes is the ultimate fashion solution offering convenience and expert advice. 

Our range includes: Blazers, Dresses, Trendy pants and shorts, swimwear and Accessories

Have something particular in mind and can’t find it anywhere?
We also offer a custom design service where garments can be made to order; just the way you want them. I Love Clothes will be launching a monthly Pop Up Store where fashion lovers can gather to buy garments, get inspired or share their ideas and passion for fashion. 

To SHOP and for further details on store or garments visit  

From The Desk of: Belinda Gaboo | 0828817755 |
P.S The fabulous from I LOVE CLOTHES have given me an exclusive behind the scenes footage from their LookBook shoot that happed earlier. So this is a taste of what the kads have for you in store. I am all for leggings so if you have in stock reserve me a fierce pair!

I just love seeing The Kids make things happen! From years of me screaming GABOO at Belinda everytime I saw her at club houses to today sitting here penning down something about her on my blog. Oiy, how time has fabulously flew by and how things have pleasantly evolved!

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