Thursday 25 October 2012

Diandra Forrest In Johannesburg, South Africa For Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa

Initially I thought it was Shaun Ross who was coming through to South Africa for Fashion Week since he was very vocal (tweeting) about; GQ Magazine South Africa, SA Fashion Week & South Africa. Maybe he didn’t get booked, who knows. 

 For now, guess which super model is in town and has been ripping part the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa 2012? Yeap, that is Miss Thang -  Diandra Forrest. One of the few if not first globally recognised working Albino model! She is totally Mah-Jor, if you don’t know who Daindra Forrest is Google is your friend-with-benefits use it! I mean she was in the Kanye West music video for his single ‘Power” light bulb, NO?

I snapped her last night backstage and on the streets in between her shows. Aboslutely beautiful!

MBFWAFRICA sure did pull out all the stops; every time I turn around I bump in to some global force to be reckoned with. 


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